Agendar Seguro Desemprego 2017

agendar-seguro-desemprego-2017So, from now on, Unemployment Insurance will be requested within the new rules, which have been valid since April 2015, becoming law from January 2016. Unemployment Insurance will be paid in 3, 4 and installments, Inside Following situations:

3 plots
Just did not apply for Unemployment Insurance, after having worked with record in 6 and 11 months.
4 plots
In the first application, if you have worked between 18 and 23 months in the last 36 months;
In the second application, after registration within 12 to 23 months;
In the third application, also after registration within 12 and 23 months.
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In the second application, after having worked for at least 24 months with registration;
In the third application, after the registration in the portfolio also for 24 months.

Unemployment Insurance: Requirements and Criteria

Under the new rules, should be entitled to Unemployment insurance or worker dismissed without just cause,

Have received a minimum of 18 wages, consecutive or not in the last 24 months prior to their waiver date;

Have worked less than 18 months, consecutive or not, not 36 months prior to your waiver date.

In the event of applying for the Unemployment Insurance for the second time, the dismissed employee must comply with the following conditions:

Have received at least 12 consecutive salaries in the last 16 months prior to the date of his resignation;

Have worked less than 12 months, consecutive or not, in the last 36 months prior to the date of resignation.

Unemployment Insurance 2016 by Requalification

Unemployment Insurance can also be used by companies for employees benefiting in risk situations, when it is necessary to temporarily suspend the employment contract or not to retain the employment of professionals.

In this situation, a company still preserves the employment relationship agendar seguro desemprego 2017 with the employee, but the employee does not provide service and has not received salary, being trained to a new placement or, in the possibility, the return to a company itself.

Unemployment Insurance 2017 for Domestic Worker

For the domestic worker, Unemployment Insurance is paid with the minimum wage in effect at the time of your application.

We should point out that Complementary Law 150/2015 equips a domestic worker with any and every worker over 18 who is hired to work in a residential and family environment.

By law, they are compared to domestic workers in household cleaning, such as washerwomen, babysitters, walkers, gardeners, cooks, homeowners in urban and rural homes, private drivers and even private aircraft pilots.

New Rules Unemployment Insurance 2017

The Unemployment Insurance program is administered by the federal government, using resources from the Workers’ Assistance Fund, or FAT, which is linked to the Ministry of Labor and Employment. These funds are made from deposits made by PIS / Pasep and Cofins companies. The rules for applying for Unemployment Insurance have changed since the last month of July (2017).

Thus, for the applicant the benefit for the first time, the worker will have to prove the record in portfolio for at least 12 months in the last 36 months, and may be sequential or alternate.

In the second requisition of the benefit, the worker must prove 9 months of registration in the portfolio,

In the third request, the work period with registration in the portfolio of 6 months.

We emphasize that, in order to apply for Unemployment Insurance, the worker can not be registered in any company and can not receive any benefit from Social Security.

Unemployment Insurance Calculation

Simple and very easy. You will do the following math account:

Employee receiving up to R $ 1,222.77 – multiplies the value by 0.8;

Employee receiving from R $ 1,222.77 to R $ 2,038.15 – multiplies by 0.5;

Employee receiving more than R $ 2,038.15 – will receive a fixed amount of R $ 1,385.91