Building a gaming PC with the used computer parts

For those who have an unlimited budget, it seems the impact of weakening the value of the money will not be a barrier stone. However, for gamers who have a limited budget (like me and many other gamers), of course, this is a factor of consideration. Already limited funds, prices rise, the more limited the choice of components affordable by the bag. Nevertheless, most people do not know (or know but do not want to take risks), there are other ways to assemble a gaming PC; through used markets! This means the gamers have to use the คอมมือสองราคาถูก computer parts.

Admittedly, building a PC gaming using used components is quite risky, including:

Difficult to find goods

True, looking for used PC components (let alone the current-gen like Haswell’s generation Intel processor or Nvidia’s Maxwell generation GPU) is pretty tough. Especially if you want to find used PC components that one or two generations behind (such as AMD Phenom II processor) cannot say much stuff. It takes a lot of patience if you want to find used PC components (especially if you want to find a still warranty and the price is really tilted)

Upgrade difficult path (special processor)

This is still related to the first factor. If we assemble a gaming PC with the latest architecture base (such as i3 or Haswell / Skylake-based Pentium), it might not be difficult if we want to upgrade using a higher processor. But if we build a PC gaming using Sandy Bridge i3 processor base for example (due to limited budget), it would be difficult to find 1155 per socket processor. Besides not able to go to Haswell class (most stuck to Ivy Bridge) let alone i5 & i7 K series)

The durability of the component in question

As good as the quality of a PC component, they are still electronic goods that have different endurance. I once bought an HDD that suffered logical bad sectors at a low price in 2011 (before flooding in Thailand which made HDD prices have massive inflation) and until now HDD is still healthy and I use it. But sometimes there is also a new item that just came out of the box is a defect? The failure rate of used products is obviously higher than new products, especially when it’s past the warranty period, right?