The Fact The Importance Of Early Childhood Education

Many people believe if early childhood education a waste of time and cost for ages 2 to 4 years because of they still difficult to accept any lesson, and indeed the provision of early childhood education is not formal education that focuses on the lessons that have been set by countries such as learning mathematics , Biology and others.

Early childhood education and learning are extra directed at the formation of personality through self-reliance, able to cultivate imagination and also cultivate and create motor skills, where it can currently be seen when the child gets at the age of 2 to 4 years. When kids go on to key education and learning next off, then the youngster has the ability to capitalize on patterns of assuming much more logically and also critically as well as be able to develop their talents as well as interests for his very own welfare and be a satisfaction to their setting as well as are ready to get formal lessons or understanding in other kinds (non-formal).

Here is the importance of early childhood education:

– So that children can develop intelligence and skills in organising, control fine motor movements and ballpark in order to absorb and understand and be sensitive to sensory stimuli properly without the help of others.

– In order for children to understand, comprehend and think positively, logical, critical and creative in digesting words when communicating with their environment and able to get the best way for their own problem and can understand the social environment as well as social and cultural diversity.

– Early childhood education is the first gate before the child early childhood stepped on basic education and continuing for the next higher level of education.

– Coaching, teaching and application of moral and improve a person’s intelligence and providing ways to improve the spirit of learning to become a personal that more creative, independent, polite and smart at the same time being able to see talents and interests that could someday be human resources much beneficial for society at large ,

– At an early age is the easiest time to form the desired human person. Teach and direct them to be independence, intelligence, good behave and apply the norms of other religion can still easily be done at ages 1 to 6 years.

– IBefore reaching 8 years, usually the children have a sense of curiosity that is still very strong and the taste wanted to be creative than others when it finds things that are new, including the school that covers all aspects, then the children will easily absorb and receptive to science any knowledge who are want to know.