Size and frame of a sunglasses

A sunglasses isn’t just good for protecting your eyes from the harmful effect of UV light, but it becomes a part of today’s fashion as well, even the best sunglasses for running.

Frequently used sunglasses are usually made of titanium, aluminum, plastic, as well as some other basic materials. The material of the frame affects the weight of the sunglasses when worn.

In addition, unsuitable or inappropriate sunglasses when worn can let UV rays into your eyes. Suitable sunglasses can protect your eyes from UV rays, sand, and dust. Style or model of glasses that you also choose must be the one you like and suitable for your face shape.

So, before buying sunglasses, you should pay attention to whether the lens is 100% UV protection (usually on the label), and choose the lens material and lens colors to suit your needs. Do not forget when you choose glasses, you should try it to make sure the sizes, models, and frames of the glasses fit your face!