Insurance for Landlord: What to Know

Having a rented house and renting it out to others is something that is often done, especially if the person already has another house as a private dwelling. There are many people who make a rented house as one source of income, considering the amount of money generated from here could reach tens of millions of rupiah per year. The value of this rent will certainly depend on the facilities and also the condition of the house itself.

The better and strategic location of a rented house, the greater will be the rent that will be obtained from the house. That is, of course, the selling value of the house itself is also high and fairly expensive. After all, the house is a high-value asset. Therefore, you must know how to guard and protect it. If you are looking for insurance for your property protection, landlord info is probably the right thing to get.

Although not inhabited alone and actually contracted out to others, the house must be maintained properly. There are many risks that can happen to this one asset, some of which may even cause huge losses to the owner. Call it a fire or even damage caused by the earthquake, of course, things like this can make the entire house building suffered severe damage. Not in small quantities, the losses caused by these things could reach hundreds of millions of rupiah.

As a homeowner, maintaining and managing the house would be a must do. The use of insurance services is the right choice, where various risks that may occur in the house can be transferred to the insurance company. Homeowners need to anticipate these risks early on, let alone the house will be inhabited by the tenant and not in full ownership control. Well, these risks are not only potentially harmful to homeowners, because the tenant also has the same interests there.