Annoying problems with carpets

The pet’s urine or poo (from cats and dogs) on the carpet is the most common problem. The cleaning quickly did not leave a trail on the carpet (smelly and stains). However, if ignored can cause odor, stained, and the color becomes faded. Therefore, immediate cleaning becomes a necessity to avoid damaging the carpet. Use clean water with a little detergent then dry with absorbent fabrics (towel used), do it repeatedly until all the remnants of wastes from the animal have been removed. Meanwhile, you can go to to get the highly recommended carpet cleaning service in your area.


Most commonly, carpet stains are caused by dyes from foods, beverages, deodorizers, detergents and others. Many of these stains become permanent if not cleaned immediately. Any spill can be removed by using an absorbent cloth until all spills are clean from the carpet. Use of water with a mild detergent can facilitate the cleaning of the carpet.


Mushrooms on the carpet caused by moist club long due to spills of water around the carpet. Mushrooms can also occur due to the drying process is too long during the cleaning process.
In this condition, the fungus grows rapidly and pollutes the carpet material with which it produces odor, discoloration and reduces the carpet (weather) resistance. This damage tends to be permanent but the odor caused by the fungus will disappear after the mushrooms are removed and the pellet becomes dry. Carpet drying can be done by drying or using a fan/blower.