Reduce Phone Radiation With These Ways!

A call center is the main shield of any company, whether for Big Business or Small Business. Well, if you’re one of the call centers for a company that requires you hours of phone lifting then it would be better if you do the following to reduce the radiation of the phone!

Use the headset
This is the easiest way to counter the threat of cell phone radiation. Of course, we cannot refuse to accept phone calls. But if you’re still worried, it’s good to use a headset. The point is your mobile phone, not too close to the brain.

Using speakers while on the phone can also be an option. But of course, there is a sense of uncomfortable when this is done in a public place. But at least, you do not have to put the phone on the head when on the phone. So this option may be used when you are in a private place like at home.

Corner of the room
Avoid taking the phone in the corner of the room. Generally quiet corner of the room but on the other hand sometimes also become a place where phone signal becomes weak. Well, weak signals are actually said to trigger higher radiation. This applies also to small areas such as elevators.

Do not always stick
The phone you use may be a favorite gadget, but for better health, you should not always stick with the phone. Unused mobile phones are recommended in the bag or on the table. It is said to be better than placed in a pants pocket.

Mute while Calling
When you receive a call you should not go for a walk. It is because in a state of mobile phone signal will continue to look for a strong signal from the base transceiver station (BTS). This activity will only strengthen radiation.