Allah’s command to prophet for Hajj

The history of Hajj and Umrah in Islam dates back thousands of years. Since the time of Prophet Ibrahim AS (1861 – 1686 BC), who is also a descendant of Sam Bin Nuh AS (3900 – 2900 BC). The literature that is in Islamic treasury explains that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was born in Ur of Chaldea, which is an important city in Mesopotamia, then Prophet Ibrahim also lived in a valley in the land of Sham. Meanwhile, you can also see hajj packages 2018 to find the best deals for your hajj travel.

When he entered the age of the twilight, the Prophet Ibrahim has not been blessed with the descent. The wife (Sarah) was very sad when she saw this situation and asked the Prophet Ibrahim to marry Hajar. Then, from this Hajar Allah granted Prophet Ibrahim a child who was named Ismail. And Sarah was not able to harbor the sense of his pills because he did not visit the descendants throughout his marriage with the Prophet Ibrahim AS.

Prophet Ibrahim AS then complained his problem to Allah SWT. Then Allah commanded the Prophet Ibrahim to bring Ishmael his son with Hajar to stay away from Sarah. The Prophet Ibrahim asked Allah: “O Allah … where should I bring my family?”

Allah says: “Bring them to my land of My Haram and under My watchfulness, which is the first land which I created on the face of the earth that is Mecca.”