Some changes to the UK Visa

The British Secretariat announced several changes regarding the visa of foreign students. But this change will not affect legitimate applicants, as the British government acknowledges the contribution made by the arrival of foreign students to the British State. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take the B1 cefr to get the UK visa.

Pat McFadden, Minister of Business, Innovation, and Expertise said: ‘The pure foreign students who come to study are welcomed by the British. They make a significant contribution to the academic life and the culture of the university where they study. ‘

Universities and Colleges in the UK offer top-class education for students from all over the world, and the latest visa rules are designed to protect the reputation and quality of UK state institutions by ensuring that only students with a pure learning objective can enjoy the perks they offer by programs.

In addition, visa application fees vary by country. In the UK, the visa application fee is £ 144. If you do not have all the required documents, such as a passport, you will be charged an additional fee.