What You May Not Do During Ayahuasca Retreat

Even though you decide to make an online register for being ayahuasca participant through ayahuascahealings.com/ayahuasca-retreats-peru-sacredvalley/, you must beware of any possibility that may occur. Believe it or not, first-time ayahuasca users make various mistakes. If you want to know and want to be able to prevent it all, then you can read this article.

Treating ayahuasca like a drug is something you should avoid. It may not be taken for fun, as said before. Since it’s aimed for healing, the users may experience inconvenience, even more, if there are more toxins stored in the body. Eating junk food and enjoy a cup of coffee are other mistakes. By reading info on the official site of ayahuasca retreat, you will know what kinds of foods you may not take during your treatment. When it comes to ceremony, you must breathe since it keeps you connected to your body, energy flowing, and you are centered in the heart instead of the mind.