Definition of Education

With the development of the times in the world of education that continues to change significantly and change the mindset of educators, from the lay mindset and rigid to be more modern. It is highly influential in the advancement of education in the world. The purpose of education is to create a quality person and character so that it has a wide view of the future to achieve an ideal of what is expected and able to adapt quickly and appropriately in a variety of environments. Because education itself motivates us to be better in all aspects of life. In etymology or origins, the word education in English is called education, in Latin education called by educatum composed of two words, namely E and Duco wherein word E means a development from the inside to outside or from a little more, while Duco means development or developing. So, In etymology sense education is the process of developing own abilities and power of the individual.

Generally, the understanding of Education is a deliberate effort to create an environment and the learning process for students to actively develop the possible for them to have the power of religion, personality, self-control, character, intelligence, and skills needed and society. Education can be defined as a conscious and systematic effort to achieve the standard of living or for better progress. Simply put, understanding of education is a learning process for learners to be able to understand and make people more critical thinking. While according to H. Horne, education is an ongoing process of the adjustment is higher for the human beings who have evolved physically and mentally, which is free and conscious to God, as manifested in the nature around the intellectual, emotional and humanitarian.

From some of these opinions, it can be concluded that education is guidance or help was given by one person to another person in order for that person to be quite capably carried out tasks of their own life without the help of others.