Things That Must Be Taken to the Gym!

Fitness at the gym is one of the choices of exercise for urban people who want to keep the body fit between the working days. For your who just join the fitness club, it’s good to know what equipment should always be taken. Here’s the review!

1. Bottled Drinking Water and Eating Box
Bring a bottle of drinking water and a dinner box inside the gym bag, so you can more easily rehydrate the body during or after exercise. Provide a large bottle, can be 600 ml to 1 liter. Fill the bottle with mineral water, because it is healthier than sports drinks or energy drinks.

2. Replace Clothing
The first thing that should be in your gym bag is a change of clothes. After exercising, the body will surely spend a lot of sweat and make the clothes you wear wet. Then always prepare extra clothes in the bag, or if necessary bring also dry underwear and clean.

3. Bathroom Equipment
You can bring toiletries such as towels, soap, facial cleanser or shampoo if at any time want to shower after exercise.