How to Use Satellite Internet

Certain providers may limit your internet usage in a month and may terminate the connection or provide another penalty if you violate these limits. Contact your internet service provider to find out how often you can use internet satelit, and how you can track internet usage.

Perform internet activities that are not affected by latency. Because your internet activity and data must “roam” orbits via satellite, your activity may be delayed or lagged. Avoid streaming video playback, playing time-sensitive online games, and using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) apps. The activity may be affected by latency.

If you want to install and set up your own satellite dish, make sure you are allowed to do so by an internet service provider. In some areas, the government prohibits unauthorized parties from installing satellite-related devices.

Because satellite internet relies heavily on communication from the sky, your internet connection may not work perfectly in bad weather, such as when it rains or blizzards. If you live in an area with bad weather, you may need to consider other internet options.