Avoid, These Two Diseases Disesbabkan By Rats

Rats do become a pest that is avoided by many people. That’s because rats are considered a dirty animal and can transmit disease. This is, of course, reasonable because the mice do live in a humid, dirty and filled with many germs. If in your house there are many rats, you may have to be vigilant because there will be many diseases that can strike you. However, you do not have to worry because you can look for pest control London to eradicate all the pests, including mice that are often in your house.

The dwelling of rats that are in a dirty, damp and germ-filled place, makes mice include animals that carry many bacteria and cause disease. There are several diseases found in mice, such as

1. Leptospirosis
The disease is usually transmitted from the urine or rat feces that enter the mucous membrane in the mouth. Someone who is infected with this disease will feel a headache, fever, vomiting and muscle pain.

2. Plague
This disease is derived from the lice that exist in the mice that spread in animals and humans. Symptoms of this disease are fever, chills, weak and swollen lymph nodes.